mhickam (mhickam) wrote in iismevets_2006,

The Sign Off

I realize that sitting here that probably few of you will see this. I am still sitting here at my desk and I will be here until next Wednesday, making up hours. I just to say thank you to all of you out there. Yet once again I want to thank you for another wonderful summer in the virtual world. Good luck to all of you in the upcoming school year. Below is a short excerpt from my summer experience in the blogging community.

To me, blogging is like the coffee house of the 60’s, where the beatniks used to stand and recite their thoughts through poetry to a crowd. This poetry was used to reflect the speaker’s own take on the state of the world. Blogging has turned us into the beatniks of the modern millennium. These coffee houses have given way to the online communities. These online communities are organized to bring a group of like minded individuals together, so that they can share their thoughts and feelings. Through out the summer, I have shared my many thoughts on a variety of topics. The topics have varied from comparing drips in the ceiling to students in the classroom, to wondering why at times we are afraid to admit that we teach for a living.
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