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The saga continues

I wish I was able to say "hi" one more time to each of you at End of Summer, but alas it was not meant to be. There were so many people at EOS that I wanted to talk to that I ended up missing many of you... I regret that I could not have stayed longer, but I had already made plans to go to the Oakland airport to pick up my gf's brother, and then drive to their parents house in Sonora for the extended weekend.

... and in no particular order (except for Diane), some "shout outs" to my posse:

Diane - blog queen incarnate - thank you for putting up with my OCD and needing constant feedback - I know I'm high maintenance so thank you for putting up with me (especially when I use too many or too few commas). You also helped me get through a rough patch I had this summer, and I can't even thank you enough for just being there to listen to me. And EOS, what was up with that?! I had no idea there was such a thing as a "Distinguished Fellow", and I was even more surprised that you chose me when I could easily count 3 others in this blog crew who I would bow down to for their insights and support besides yourself. I was very touched with your presentation - I just want you to know how much that meant to me - somehow I'm finding room for that poster in my classroom!!! Good luck with gaggle.net this year!!!

Andy M - Thanks for your kind ear whenever I needed it. Your spirituality helped keep my often nervous temperament at ease throughout the fellowship.

Jim V - You never cease to amaze me with your enlightened, and often humorous, stories about a variety of subjects - if you were being serious about running for mayor and it still looks feasible, look me up and I'll help campaign for you.

Gina - You rock girl! I can't say I envied setting up an entire conference for 1000s of people, but I do regret not having made time to go see it (always dog tired when I got home from work - not physically tired, but mentally exhausted). I will definitely go next year though!! Good luck with that guy Diane approves of (TGDAO - was that the acro we made for your bf??)

Andy S - Thanks for all of the help with my techno babble and helping me realize I'm not alone in the educational technology abyss.

Tom - I know we didn't see eye to eye much but you definitely helped me realize things I was too narrow-minded to see. For that I am eternally grateful.

Harj - Aggies 4 Lyfe!!! I need to learn how to be as cool, calm, and collected as you always seem to be. Congrats on your triathalon and surpassing your own expectations! (I agree with Diane that your name is BY FAR the easiest indian name I've ever had to learn)

Wanda - how did you come about writing a screenplay for STNG? I checked you out on IMDB - extremely cool... ka'pla!!

Sammy - I feel like I've gotten to be a part of your extended family just by reading your posts. Despite the stress and doing jumping jacks when you close your office door, I hope IISME was fun for you :)

Ken - my pi buddy (3.1415926535897932384626433..) Your posts seemed to generate the most comments from anyone - I think that goes to show how you can make these experiences reach all of us, despite where we are or what our background is (age, sex, culture, etc). Your students are very lucky to have someone who can reach out to all on different levels.

The rest - thank you for sharing your lives with me - you brought additional levity to my otherwise boring cube job.

I think IISME is one of the greatest summer experiences a teacher could have. When I compare how excited I am to go back to my classroom compared to my other teacher friends who didn't do IISME, I am very thankful to have been a member of this prestigious group.

I hope you all have a great 06-07, and I really hope we can keep in touch. I'm not just saying that - please do email me and let me know how you are and what you've been up to - cjohns@fremont.k12.ca.us, also in the IISME summer directory Alicia B emailed us earlier in the summer. I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully I'll see you next summer (or at least read about you on another installment of the IISME blog!)

With much love,

-Clint Johns, aka ucdteach80
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