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Two weeks off...

I had to take a couple weeks off from everything. I was in such major overdrive that my body shut down. I'm still tired.

Today I'm going in to paint my classroom. I'm fortunate that I have my spouse and a couple of friends who will be helping me. I don't know what I would have done if they were not available.   I guess I would have had to do it myself.  This is so disheartening.  I still have to get my classroom ready - providing an enriched and encouraging classroom environment that stimulates learning.  Right...

I have been so disappointed/discouraged with how I've been treated by the OUSD system as a teacher. I find it very unreasonable that I have to paint my classroom one week before school begins. Painting is only part of the job - I have to patch holes in the walls of this classroom. There is graffiti on the walls and windows. There is a telephone installed inside a portable closet - where it shouldn't be. I look around the room and all I can think is that no one cared about this room or the environment the students and teachers were supposed to work in. It reflects a ghetto mentality that has become a way of thinking and living. There is such a low level of expectation of how things are supposed to be.

To get people out of that mentality the level of expectation has to be raised. People who work in Oakland Public Schools must be taught to have a high level of expecation for the students, teachers and themselves. Parents and students have to be taught to care about their environment and themselves.

I suppose I shouldn't grip, after all, I chose this.  I was offered a position in Fremont, that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. It would have been a cush job.  I turned it down because I had already accepted this position.  I'm beginning to feel that my loyalty was misguided.  

Oh well, I strongly believe in the saying:  "You must be the change you want to see in the world."  It is from Mahatma Ghandi.  Perhaps I will be a small force to implement a bigger change.

See you around Cyberspace!
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