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CCPA Retreat

Well, we're all back home now and I'm a bit overwhelmed about what needs to be accomplished actually before Aug. 21st, when we meet with our advisory students. As we finished up yesterday, our principal outlined what we would have to do before the 21st and I watched our collective brains implode. One of our new teachers realized yesterday that she would be teaching Language Arts and Reading along with Social Studies. She thought she'd only be teaching Social Studies. She comes from teaching high school where she only taught one subject. I thought she was going to faint from the shock! We have three teachers who are new to the profession (emerging teachers). The rest have 1-10 years among them.

This retreat was a team building session. Actually, it was the first time we'd met each other and been together in the same place. I discovered that I am the veteran teacher on our staff w/ about 15 years experience in my pocket. I have been teaching the longest. I now feel that I have a responsibility towards my teaching community to assist our new and emerging teachers. What a responsibility!
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