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today's terrorism attempt from London airport

After reading the news about the thwarted attack, terrible tragic memories of 9/11 came to mind. I didn't know anybody personally that was affected by the attacks, but of course I knew people whose families were affected.

I'm so glad that this attempt was foiled because this was supposedly going to be bigger than the attacks from five years ago.

I'll try to keep this posting brief and refrain from talking about the somber feeling I'm sure we've all shared from 9/11. Ironically, I was planning on watching the movie
"World Trade Center" this weekend. Now, I definitely will.

When I travelled to New York three years ago, my girlfriend visited Ground Zero and paid homage to those who were victimized. As a fellow American and fellow human being, I recommend you to visit the former site of the Twin Towers someday. There are many mixed feelings when you approach the site... from sadness to awe to hope. At first, I had a hard time believing the media hype of "the 9/11 attack made us Americans stronger." But after visiting Ground Zero and seeing the physical and mental reconstruction, I'm now a believer.

I'm sure we all remember the initial shock from 9/11. We were all on our way to our classrooms getting ready to teach another day. My principal told my staff to go about our normal business without mentioning any of the attack to our students (of course, many of them were already informed). Did you guys make any special accomodations to your teaching on that day?

For those of you travelling (Molatte, especially) in the near future, please be careful.

- Ken
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