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Yesterday's Event

My mentor went to the EOS event and was very impressed at the number of businesses and teachers involved in IISME. We had a conversation regarding my experiences and I suggested that next year he may want to have a teacher set up a professional development sequence to improve the written communication in his company. He employs a lot of ESL workers and said that would be a good idea. I hope he follows through with it and takes advantage of the talent that is so apparent with the teachers in this program.

It's back to school world for me, this afternoon. Still have lots to do to prepare for the upcoming school year. I decided not to take that position offered to me at Fremont. There are too many unknowns. Even though it's a prep position, which can best described as cushy, there are too many unknowns. If the district is having financial the first thing to go are preps and electives. Also, I would be giving up 10 years of my experience on their salary scale.

Well, TTFN everyone! It's been a wonderful experience on and offline. I'll see you around the universe!

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